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Why Customers Choose Fiberglass Scaffold Plank?

NexgenPlank is an innovative fiberglass scaffold plank designed for, and compatible with existing frame and systems scaffolding. It's a lightweight and durable alternative to the current scaffolding platforms on the market today. The easy-to-assemble scaffold plank is compatible with existing frames and bracing used throughout the scaffolding industry worldwide.

Customized Fiberglass Composite Scaffold Plank

NexgenPlank Product Literature

Why Customers Choose NexgenPlank?

Learn why NexgenPlank is quickly becoming the top choice in the scaffolding industry worldwide.

Traditional Scaffold Plank vs. NexgenPlank

Learn the advantages of NexgenPlank vs. traditional scaffold plank materials.


What is the Pultrusion Process?

Learn why the pultrusion is a popular choice and environmentally friendly.


NexgenPlank Features & Benefits

Learn why NexgenPlank outweighs traditional scaffold plank.

Overvie and Comparison
Pultrusion and Features/Benefits

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