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Why NexgenPlank?

Lighter. Safer. Stronger.

NexganPlank is lighter than the standard wood and aluminum scaffold plank options, making install easy-to-assemble. In addition, our product offers a non-slip surface for maximum traction to provide user safety while working at higher heights; and end-caps that offer better impact resistance. As a result, NexgenPlank brings many safety and field assembly advantages. 

Fiberglass composite scaffold plank
fiberglass planking

Why Fiberglass?

A Smarter Construction Investment.

Fiberglass is a combination of glass fibers and mesh reinforcement soaked in UV and fire-retardant resins. The components have been used for years in permanent installations for offshore rigs, chemical plants, and non-corrosive atmospheres, as they're non-conductive and non-corrosive. Fiberglass is used for scaffolding system components, structural I-beams, decking, and permanent grating for corrosive atmospheres for offshore and industrial plants in the construction industry. 

The Top Choice for Safe & Cost-Effective Construction Planning

NexgenPlank is easy-to-assemble and compatible with existing frames and bracing used throughout the scaffolding industry worldwide.

Lightweight Material. NexgenPlank components are incredibly light compared to other construction materials, making this product safer, easier to work with, and cheaper to transport. 

Flexible & Custom Design. NexgenPlank can be customized to meet the exact application requirements in size, shape, color, and functional features to ensure smooth and easy installation.

Shorter Production and Installation Time. NexgenPlank is prefabricated, allowing crews to install faster. Our product is ideal for construction projects with tight timelines and limited construction hours.

Cost-Effective. NexgenPlank FRP components offer long-term cost savings and profitability compared to traditional materials.

Corrosion-ResistanceExceptionally durable, making it suitable for heavy-duty usage in various environments. Its corrosion resistance can withstand salt, water, chemicals, and other harsh weather conditions without deterioration. 

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