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Fiberglass composite scaffold plank

The Lighter, Safer, and Stronger Scaffold Plank.

The New Standard

NexgenPlank is an innovative fiberglass scaffold plank designed to work alongside existing frame and systems scaffolding. It's a lightweight and durable alternative to current scaffolding platforms on the market today. 

NexgenPlank - fiberglass scaffold plank

Fiberglass Scaffold Plank Continues to Increase in Popularity 

Fiberglass scaffold plank delivery
+ Low material cost
+ Lightweight and easy to handle
+ Resistant to challenging environments
+ Superior performance properties
+ Used across a range of industries in lieu of scaffold-grade wood plank
+ Increase truck load capacity 
+ Customize planks for easy identification

Benefits of NexgenPlank

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

+ Lightweight makes for easy handling and faster erecting

+ Easy-to-assemble

+ Compatible with existing frame and systems scaffold

Cost-Effective and Long Lasting

+ Maintains structural integrity for longer than 15 years

+ Reduced maintenance and replacement

+ Transporting is easier, faster, and cheaper

+ Lower storage cost

Customize Fiberglass Pultrusions

+ Custom length planks to accommodate any span

+ Custom company identification - brand color

+ Custom identification reduces theft on jobsites

Exceeds OSHA/ANSI Standards

​+ Consistent deflection

+ 4:1 factor of safety

+ Non-skid surface for exterior applications

+ Lightweight - reduced injuries

Features and Benefits

A Few of our Valued Customers

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