The Lighter, Safer, and Stronger Scaffold Plank.

The New Standard

NexgenPlank is an innovative fiberglass scaffold plank designed to work alongside existing frame and systems scaffolding. It's a lightweight and durable alternative to current scaffolding platforms on the market today. 


Fiberglass Scaffold Plank Continues to Increase in Popularity 

+ Low material cost
+ Lightweight and easy to handle
+ Resistant to challenging environments
+ Superior performance properties
+ Used across a range of industries in lieu of scaffold-grade wood plank
+ Increase truck load capacity 
+ Customize planks for easy identification

Benefits of NexgenPlank

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

+ Lightweight makes for easy handling and faster erecting

+ Easy-to-assemble

+ Compatible with existing frame and systems scaffold

Cost-Effective and Long Lasting

+ Maintains structural integrity for longer than 15 years

+ Reduced maintenance and replacement

+ Transporting is easier, faster, and cheaper

+ Lower storage cost

Customize Fiberglass Pultrusions

+ Custom length planks to accommodate any span

+ Custom company identification - brand color

+ Custom identification reduces theft on jobsites

Exceeds OSHA/ANSI Standards

​+ Consistent deflection

+ 4:1 factor of safety

+ Non-skid surface for exterior applications

+ Lightweight - reduced injuries


A Few of our Valued Customers