We making ordering easy. Here on our site your can submit an order request by sending us your project requirements or you can simply call us at 817.329.4994. We supply to scaffolding companies, commercial, industrial and military construction industries.

When you order with us, we can customize your scaffold plank with your company colors and name. This provides traceable security markings that help reduce theft and loss on construction sites.

Benefit From:

 - Lower Weight, Less Strain

 - Lower Maintenance Costs

 - Lower Storage Costs 

 - Faster Inspection Time

Download the NexGenPlank User Guide to learn how you can maximize quantity to be shipped. 

>> NexGenPlank User Guide


We Help You Plan Before You Order.

Load 25% More

Cut Scaffold to ANY Length

Customize with Company Brand

Rent or Purchase


​When you select NexGenPlank, you are buying direct - there's no middleman. We offer an cost effective, competitive product for purchase or rent.  We'll walk you through the ordering process step-by-step and help you to determine your individual project needs. Simply email or give us a call (817-329-4994) with your project requirements.

Want to test NexGenPlank before purchasing? No problem. NexGenPlank can be used alongside your existing wood plank on any project. Give us a call to learn more.


Test Before You Buy.