​About ​The Product​

NexGenPlank is a new innovative fiberglass scaffold plank designed for, and compatible with, existing frame and system scaffolding. The plank is a unique lightweight and durable alternative to the current scaffolding platforms on the market today. It meets or exceeds all OSHA/ ANSI standards for access platforms. A few of the features and benefits of the plank include: non-conductive, non-corrosive, flame retardant, and UVA/UVB resistant. It won't absorb water, is chemical resistant (see chart), light weight and can be ordered in custom colors.​



Risk management and safety compliance formed the basis for the development of NexGenPlank. 10,000 construction workers are injured each year.  In a recent BLS, 72% of workers injured in scaffold accidents are attributed to planking or support giving way or employee slipping or being struck by a falling object .  Enhancing scaffold safety measures was necessary to improve fall protection on walking and working surfaces to help minimize accidents. Traditional scaffold plank products include solid wood and LVL composite plank that meet OSHA construction regulations but have inherent environmental problems including water absorption, disease and naturally crack, split and warp.  Safety training alone is not enough to protect workers.  A safer, stronger and lighter fiberglass plank was the goal and NexGenPlank met that criteria.



Gene Morgan and Carol Schulz, owners and operators of Mdm Scaffolding Services and founders of NexGenPlank.

​The Pioneers Behind The Innovation

​Gene Morgan and Carol Schulz, owners of Mdm Scaffolding Services, Inc. have worked for over 10 years experimenting with new and recycled materials and arrived at a structural pultruded fiberglass product as the solution.  They're experience includes working for international scaffolding companies as well as actively contributing their efforts to the construction industry in both educational and legislative issues.

Both are active members of SAIA (Scaffold & Access Industry Association), ASA ( American Subcontractors Association-North Texas), and TCA ( Texas Construction Association).  Gene  has served as a Director for many years for each organization.


Their primary mission continues to be providing the construction industry with scaffold products that are OSHA compliant with the highest safety standards. Working with top designers, engineers, and their manufacturing partner, they were able to introduce to the market a better alternative in scaffold plank. In 2011, NexGenPlank. was launched.